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Summer Language Study Programs

Summer language study programs are just that--language study programs. At most campuses students will have no elective courses, but will be assigned a 'package' of language courses specifically designed to assist them to complete a beginning, intermediate, or advanced complete-year course in the language of instruction at that campus. Students will have exposure to the language and culture (arts, literature, music) of that country. However, the programs are primarily language instruction programs.

All students who are not enrolling in beginning level courses must take the placement examination given during the placement testing and registration time. This is a serious examination and international campus language faculty will evaluate students' performance on these examinations. On this basis the international school faculty will determine which package of courses will best benefit each student and to which level they will be assigned. Students need to perform as well as possible in order to get the most out of their summer investment of time and money.

This does not mean that students cannot advance to a higher level if they have already completed the one that they are assigned to by the placement test results. In this case, it is the total responsibility of the student to work harder and achieve passing grades in the higher level, while not holding back the entire class. If the student cannot follow the pace of the higher level, then they must descend to the previous level. Each North American Division campus will determine by its own policies whether or not to accept credit for students who have already completed course work at the same level.

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