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Campus Adventiste du Salève
Salève Adventist University
/ 74160 Collonges-sous-Salève
FRANCE (French)
PresidentJean Philippe Lehmann
Administrative Assistant
+33 (4) 50 87 68 12
Program Director
+33 (4) 50 87 68 21
Language Department   33 (4) 50 87 68 00
FAX 33 (4) 50 43 65 80
Collonges Campus

Campus Adventiste du Saleve (CAS) (Salève Adventist University) is about five miles from Geneva across the Swiss-French border. The campus itself is part way up Le Salève, the top of which is about 4,000 feet high. This mountain with its restaurants and breathtaking view of the Rhone valley and Mount Blanc attracts many from nearby Geneva. From the campus, the city of Geneva and the lake make a picturesque view.

These are the average high and low temperatures in Geneva for the months of June, July and August:

  • June 73/55°F 23/13°C
  • July 76/58°F 24/14°C
  • August 76/58°F 24/14°C

Since the campus is at a slightly higher elevation than Geneva, temperatures will be slightly lower, especially at night.

A small bookstore on campus provides students with books and stationery items. Village grocery stores and bakeries are about a one-mile walk down the hill from the school. The service for bed linens and labeled personal clothing has a one-week turn around time. Personal clothing may be done by hand or by using pay washers and dryers in residence halls.

How to Get to the Campus

From Geneva (Switzerland), it is possible to go to the campus by different ways. Students who know the time (day and hour) of their arrival can fax or email the school the arrival information two weeks in advance. Please send in your arrival information by visiting the ACA web page, click on Preparing to Travel, Arrival Form, complete the form and submit it. This information will go directly to the internatiional ACA program director.  A school official with a CAS or ILF (Institut de Langue Francaise) sign will be waiting at the airport or train station.  Students may have to wait for a while until the school van arrives to pick them up.  In either case, there is no transportation fee for the first arrival or final departure from the campus. 

Citizens of US, Canada, and EU countries, do not require a visa to enter France and stay for upto 90 days.  However, all students need a valid passport (valid for at least 3 months longer than your stay abroad). Citizens of other countries (other nationalities) require a tourist/visitor visa.  Please check your consulate's web page for more information.

The Summer program

Every afternoon or evening a variety of activities is offered: sports, games, movies, or social activities. ILF students worship together each evening (including Friday) and on Sabbath. On Saturday afternoons there are nice promenades. On Sundays, prestigious places like Geneva, Chamonix, Zermatt, Annecy and other very famous areas are visited for enjoyment and as part of the cultural program.

Classes are offered at 3 levels during the summer: Beginning I or II, Intermediate and Advanced French. Very advanced students who show a superior understanding and proficiency in the placement examination will take courses in level III. However, they will have separate (Level IV) classes in literature, (Literary Discussion FREN 462 instead of FREN 362), and Advanced Composition (FREN 422 instead of FREN 322).

Early departure is not allowed unless there are extremely important reasons. No students may leave before the closing exercises. See the calendar located in the first few pages of the bulletin for exact dates.

All students must participate in the outings designated as cultural tours. These tours are an integral part of the instructional program. Record will be taken and specific assignments given. Students’ completion of these assignments and positive participation in the tours will affect their overall grade in courses for which they are enrolled.


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