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Admission to Adventist Colleges Abroad programs may be obtained only through a North American college or university member of the ACA consortium. Although the international schools or the Director of ACA may deny admission to anyone, acceptances are initiated only by the consortium institutions in North America. This procedure assures validation of credits earned abroad and safeguards the integrity of the international schools, which can accept only a limited number of students into their program.

Students from non-Adventist colleges/universities are accepted into the ACA summer or academic year programs if they enroll through an Adventist College for college credits.  However, if the non-Adventist college is willing to accept the ACA credits directly, then the students can enroll through that college without going through an Adventist institution.  This applies to both Summer and Academic year programs.

Please note that admission process has to be completed and the student shuold have the acceptance letter from ACA headquarters in Maryland before leaving for the school or attending the program abroad.

Students considering enrollment in ACA programs are strongly advised by former ACA students to read the sections of the bulletin dealing with the campus and the program they plan to attend and the sections on living abroad and adjusting to international situations before submitting their applications. Otherwise applicants may be surprised and unprepared for the realities of campus life and living abroad when they arrive.

Acceptance by ACA involves the following steps:

Completed at a North American College or University Member of the ACA consortium:

  • Admission as a regular student to the ACA consortium member North American college or university for the academic term(s) abroad.
  • Completion of the ACA application form—A non-refundable $100 application fee is required. This check is made payable to the home school (Some institutions may require an addtional deposit.) This fee is for the home college, not for ACA.
  • Completion of financial arrangements with the ACA consortium member college or university finance office.
  • Recommendation by the ACA consortium member college or university for admission to ACA. Approved application sent to ACA headquarters.


Completed in ACA Office and Abroad:

  • Review of the ACA application form by the Director of ACA, Maryland Headquarters, and notice of admission.

ACA attempts to answer all applications in a timely manner. If students do not receive a response quickly, it may be advisable to check with their home campus, as applications are often held by each school and sent in groups, which may cause some delay in receiving a response.

Prospective ACA students should apply and complete all necessary arrangements as early as possible. Obtaining scholarship grants, passports and visas takes time and necessary travel documents and other arrangements can sometimes take several months. Planning what to take and what to leave at home should not be done in haste. Working out satisfactory financial arrangements may require more time than anticipated. In addition, the number of students that may be admitted is limited by the space available to ACA students at the international schools.


  1. ACA Applications are accepted from mid-January on
  2. Because of long processing time and visa requirements, please submit your ACA application to your home school by July 31
  3. Brazil applications must be in the home school by June 16 (classes start in August).
  4. For the programs in Argentina, Austria, and Germany, applications will be accepted up until August.

Please take note of these deadlines, because the visa process is longer and it is very important that every student is aware of these dates if you are planning to stay abroad more than three months. Any questions regarding the ACA program or Visa, must be directed to the ACA headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. Tel. No. 301-680-6444/6454 or email to aca@nadadventist.org.


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