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ACADEMIC YEAR OVERVIEW: Description of Courses
No attempt is made to describe all of the courses offered at the affiliated international schools. This bulletin lists the language courses and others that are likely to be selected by ACA students. This latter category includes some courses that would assist prospective ACA students to make a decision to go overseas as well as those that have been traditionally selected by students in previous years. In general, all the courses are taught in the language in use at the affiliated school. Collonges has a full program in ministerial training with its graduates being eligible for admission to the Master of Divinity curriculum at the Seminary, Andrews University. The Universidad Adventista del Plata is a broad-spectrum university offering a wide range of courses. So is Friedensau.

Should there be major changes in the description of any of the courses listed in this bulletin, the registrar's office and the department of modern languages of each of the member colleges or universities will be notified.

Courses numbered 100-299 are lower division and those numbered 300-499 are upper division. The units of credit are quarter hours (qh) at all of the affiliated schools. Typically, the number of periods per week is the same as the units of credit. Attempts have been made to have both the course numbers and the units of credit comparable to what is the case on the campus of ACA member colleges and universities in North America.  Curricula are revised annually by the International Schools, by the ACA office, and by the ACA Curriculum Committee.


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