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Amounts allotted for meals and books by the international schools are not refundable since they are part of the package deal. Three meals a day are provided in the package fee to all students during the regular academic terms. Vacation periods are not covered except in Argentina.  During the vacation times, the students are always welcome to stay, however, for a few days during the Christmas vacation the cafeteria will be closed except in Argentina.  In some of the colleges, a small fridge will be available as well as a microwave for students to store and cook their own food during this period. Students' meals will be served in school cafeterias on the flat rate plan. Students should be able to 'eat their fill,' but as with many of the colleges in North America, they should not expect to be able to take extra food back to their rooms without paying an extra fee (except for Universidad Adventista del Plata). About taking food out of the cafeteria, rules may vary from one College to another. Students are advised to check the International School bulletin for more details or to wait for the orientation session overseas.


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