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France: Courses Offered

ART361: History of French Painting (2 qh)
Each quarter,students will study selected works representative of three different periods of French painting: the first one is a survey of the Roman and Medieval periods. During the second quarter, students will discover famous French painters of the early modern period, and the last quarter will be dedicated to the modern and post-modern periods.

FREN 090: Remedial French (0 qh)
This non-credit course is required, at no extra charge during the first quarter for students entering at the beginner level and who scored below 30 percent at the placement test or who choose not to sit for the test. It is a 2 hours addition to the regular 16 credits required for the quarter. The course focuses on reinforcing basic grammar and verbs (Indicative tenses and conjugations).

FREN 101: Beginning French (4 qh)
Discovery of varied social and cultural environments through the study of the daily lives of divers characters in an iconographic document in comic strip form. This permits the acquisition and assimilation of a vocabulary of spoken language through a variety of rich, complementary subjects. The student will understand and acquire suitable language to express feelings, attitudes and behavior in a wide range of situations.

FREN 111: Phonetics (1 qh)
This compulsory course helps the student to learn and use the International Phonetic Alphabet and to correct their pronunciation through intensive exercises, with the help of a specialist teacher.

FREN 121: Comprehension and Written Expression (3 qh)
Based on passages about daily life taken from the textbook, the course develops the understanding of the implicit and explicit content and the broadening of vocabulary and grammatical abilities. Secondly, it gives the fundamentals of written communication through written work in which knowledge and style are put into practice.

FREN 131: Spelling and Grammar (4 qh)
This course lays stress on the acquisition of the rudimentary elements of grammar, spelling, conjugation and French syntax. It offers the possibility to understand the mechanisms and functioning of the language in its written comprehension and expression in the context of daily life. Learning is through alternating discovery, analysis, conceptualization and real life situations.

FREN 151: Beginning Listening, Comprehension and Speaking (4 qh)
This course permits the development of comprehension and oral expression with the aid of exercises such as reading, role play, presentations, listening activities with audio and video cassettes, study of a song, study of a picture, simple discussion on questions about daily life. The students are encouraged to continue their study alone by using the audio-visual facilities freely available in the multimedia center.

FREN 191: Intensive Beginning French (11 qh)
Alternative course, offered during the school year, in the place of FREN 101 121, 131.

FREN 201: Intermediate French (3 qh)
This course consists of listening and guided reading of a comic strip. The story makes the student aware of the communication dimension of the language as well as the varied ways of speaking (accents, language levels, usage) which correspond to different social backgrounds. Different points of grammar are also studied.

FREN 221: Intermediate Composition (3 qh)
This course introduces the techniques of descriptive and narrative writing with training and practice. It consists of focused exercises and written work stressing sentence construction and the verb tenses. Preparation A1, A2 written expression.

FREN 231: Spelling and Grammar (4 qh)
This course develops the student’s knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, syntax and spelling. The teaching method is either deductive (the rules are presented in a systematic way and applied in examples) or inductive (observation and study of a written document followed by deduction) by which the student is led to discover, by his/herself, the rule which is then immediately applied in exercises.

FREN 251: Intermediate Listening, Comprehension and Speaking (4 qh)
After the discovery and learning of basic vocabulary and structures, the different themes touched on form the subject of participatory activities which give the student the opportunity to explore the cultural dimension of the language: Discussion of poems, reading of paintings, research and presentations, debates, investigation and observation. The students’ comprehension and oral expression is also developed by the use of audio visual documents as well as role play, speaking and recitations.

FREN 261: Written Comprehension (2 qh)
This course is based on the lexical, syntactic and grammatical study of varied, simple texts about modern life. It is effective preparation for written communication. Written exercises, explanation of texts and French composition are introduced. The class develops the student’s autonomy which is necessary for the reinforcement of individual, silent reading habits. These skills are useful in the preparation of argumentation and the expression of opinions based on received information.

FREN 269/369: Independent Reading (1, 1 qh)
Based on a written agreement between the teacher and the student. The main requirement is the choice and reading of a selected topic, adapted to the student’s language level (vocabulary, grammar), and the presentation of a reading report at the end of term.

FREN 291: Intensive Intermediate French (9 qh)
Course offered during the school year, as an alternative to the course FREN 201, 231, 261

FREN 321: Advanced Composition (3 qh)
An advanced course, developing the writing techniques in continuity to the courses FREN 341 and FREN 351, and introducing the idea of different language levels.

FREN 341: Advanced Grammar (6 qh)
This is a foundation course for the upper division program. It introduces sentence syntax, use of the different voices, modes and tenses of the verbs. It presents the functions and the agreements of the nominal and verbal groups as well as the different linking words. Numerous exercises.

FREN 351: Advanced Listening, Comprehension and Speaking (3 qh)
Development of comprehension and oral expression skills through listening exercises, both audio and video, and role play. The student gains practice in the use of typically French dictums and proverbs and expressions. Free access to the multimedia laboratory permits autonomous, individual learning of the different language levels (familiar, everyday, formal).

FREN 361: Text Analysis (2 qh)
Study of a variety of texts about current events and civilization, or representing different literary styles. Study of the techniques of text analysis, development of vocabulary and knowledge of language structures through required written exercises.

FREN 378/478: Language Through Drama (2, 2 qh)
Use of French culture through theatre will help to develop good diction, articulation, expression of feelings and also clarity and coherence in the organization of speech

FREN 397: Internship (1-3 qh)
1 Credit repeatable for a total of 3 credits for the whole academic year. 75 hours per credit per quarter (7.5 hours per week) required. Intership credit must be included in the maximum total of 18 quarter hours.

FREN 397: Internship in International Relations (1 qh)
(The internship is repeatable for the 3 quarters if the students so wish. In that case they will get 3 intership credits)

FREN 412: Document Synthesis and Report Techniques (2 qh)
Required for the preparation of the Diplôme Supérieur. Development of two literary techniques: a) guided literary analysis of selected texts; b) summary writing. These two pieces of work to be produced alternately in class, one per week. Complements FREN 476, 478, 479.

FREN 413: Document Synthesis Technique/Literary Commentary (2 qh)
This course is to improve the comprehension of specialized articles in view of using them methodically to create syntheses of documents. The analysis of texts as well as the use of reduction techniques through a variety of exercises are done in class. Some of the texts studied are used for a specific graded written production. Standard correct versions of the exercise will be given by the teacher at the end of the study of each text.

FREN 421: French Composition (3 qh)
Course intended to prepare students for the written examination of the DL. Open to students who enter into level IV the last quarter.

FREN 431, 432: Advanced Orthography I & II (2, 2 qh)
Intensive training in spelling to prepare to the DS and DALF with special emphasis on grammar rules, verbs and past participle.

FREN 441: Morphology and Syntax of Simple Sentences (4 qh)
A grammar course presenting the advanced functions of the noun, the use of the modes and the tenses, particular sentence constructions, nominal and verbal transformations, direct and indirect style, prepositions. Numerous exercises.

FREN 442: Morphology/Syntax of the Complex Sentence (4 qh)
Prerequisite: FREN 441. Study of the complex sentence. Noun clauses, infinitive clauses, relative clauses, linking clauses. Use of the subjunctive and conjunctive linking words.

FREN 449: The French Speaking World and its Cinema (2 qh)
This course practices a kaleidoscope of French and Francophone films via the study of themes, category, and film direction. It is designed both to develop a taste for film analysis and as an introduction to French culture. The course in which extracts of films are shown, works in tandem with the institute's film club. A francophone film is shown once a month and a foreign one once a quarter.

FREN 451, 452: Listening and Rewording Techniques (2, 2 qh)
Preparation for the DS and DALF. Listening comprehension with written exercises. Techniques of taking notes followed by oral reports. Independent learning in the multimedia laboratory.

FREN 461: Advanced Texts Analysis (3 qh)
Course intended to prepare students for the DL. Focus on textual analysis of pieces of French Literature or actual texts from magazines or Newspapers. Open to students who enter into level IV the last quarter.

FREN 487,488: French Literature (2, 2 qh)
This course introduces students to a panorama of French literature. The course book helps students grasp the principal literary currents and the writers associated with them, while reading memorable extracts of literary works.

FREN 493: Advanced Oral Competence (4 qh)
Course intended to prepare students for the oral examination of the DL. Focus on answering questions, orally interpreting pictures and developing topics. Open to students who enter into level IV the last quarter.

FREN/ARTS 273/373: French Fine Arts and Monuments (1, 1 qh)
Cultural trips will be prepared in class and a research file will be put together. Trips to visit prestigious museums and famous monuments and discover France’s architectural heritage. Option open to all. Offered the first and last terms. May not be repeated.

FREN/BUAD444,445: Business French (2, 2 qh)
This course of business French is a requirement for preparation for the oral examination of the DALF. The productive and receptive skills are cultivated through real-life situations related to the world of business. This allows the student to constantly practice the appropriate use of the language of economics. Students will work with numerous audio-visual, real-life situations, and documents.

FREN/HIST 457, 458: France and its History (2, 2 qh)
Preparation for the DELF B2 and the DALF. Discovery of the important events during a specific period in the history of France and the results which have left their mark and had an impact on the social, political and cultural heritage. Authentic documents, characteristic of the period, will provide the base for study of linguistic elements, technical analysis and text methodology.

FREN/PLSC 374: European Institutions (2 qh)
Study of the historical stages in the construction of the European Union from the beginning of the 20th century until the present day. Its real economic, social and legal role. A visit to a parliamentary session in Strasbourg if it is sitting during the period of the course.

FREN/PLSC 375: International Organizations (2 qh)
Course on the History and role of the United Nations Organization and other international organizations which are situated in Geneva. (UNO, RED CROSS, ECO, WHO, NGO and others). Guided visits are scheduled.

FREN/PLSC 459, 460: French Institutions (2, 2 qh)
Preparation for the DS and the DALF. An outline of the constitutional and institutional organizations which govern the way French society is run: law, health, education etc. One theme is studied each year. The course is based on the study of real life situations and its general aim is the acquisition of factual knowledge, and methodological and linguistic competence.

FREN/RELG 254/354: Religion (2, 2 qh)
This course is based on the use of varied documents (comic strips, videos, written texts, statistical charts … ), sharing of personal experience and discussion of key Bible passages directly related to the chosen theme.

FREN/SOCI 376: French Civilization (2 qh)
Through a study of the geography of France, its economy, its politics and administrative organization, this course offers the possibility to see the similarities and differences between France and other countries and facilitate integration into another social and cultural environment.

FREN/SOCI 476, 477: Changes in French Society (2. 2 qh)
Preparation for the DS and the DALF. Through the study of general sociological concepts or themes, this course studies the changes and social trends in the French society. It offers the opportunity to acquire or broaden lexical and linguistic knowledge.

FREN256: Overview of the French Media (2 qh)
Students will be introduced to the French Media in its various forms: television, radio and the printed press. This course encourages the students to become familiarized with these different medias, nowadays available on the internet. This way, after their year at Collonges, students will be able to remain in touch with the French language, as well as with French culture and current events.

FREN435,436: Translation and Interpretation (2, 2 qh)
This course covers translation methodology and its application to translations of French texts into English and vice versa. Attention is given to the idiomatic expressions in both languages. Level of French language required: Advanced (grammar, composition and conversation).

HIST/FREN/RELH387: History of the Reformation Movement (2 qh)
Geneve is one of the privileged places where we can see traces of the reformation movement. A study of the major reformer movements and their impact on our post-modern society will be led through readings and discussions. The lessons will come to life through some field trips to important sites of different reformation movements.

HIST/FREN357: France in WWII (2 qh)
Collonges' campus had an important role in the rescue of several Jews during WWII. Traces of this period abound near our campus and will definitely bring the many stories back to life in particular ways. The lessons in this course are emphasized by field trips to important sites of WWII.

HMEC101: French Cuisine (2 qh)
This course offers a survey of selected traditional French cooking recipes and a study of their context, geographically and socially, in terms of French culture.

MUPF 171, 271, 371: Campus Choir (1, 1, 1 qh)
Based on a contract of a year. Participation in all concerts and trips is required. Entrance by audition. Change of level every term. Repertoire: Classical music of varied difficulty.

MUPF101,202,303: Applied Music (1, 1, 1 qh)
Individual piano lessons. Voice is included. A small additional fee must be paid.

PEAC101,102,103: General Fitness Program (1, 1, 1 qh)
Classes may vary upon demand of the students.

PEAC225, 226: Mountain Climbing (1 qh)
Climbing (introductory to advanced) with native French students from the Mountain Sports department. Students will be trained in basic techniques and safety skills, progressing to self-sufficiency in climbing on natural outdoor sites and on indoor climbing walls. These classes, supervised by a professional mountain guide, are offered on one half day per week, from September to December and from April to May. No previous experience required. There is a supplementary charge for this course.

PEAC325: Ski and Snowboard in the Alps (1 qh)
Advanced training in winter sports in different areas of the Alps with native French students from the Mountainn Sports department. During this course, students will be accompanied as they perfect ski and snowboard skills. These classes, supervised by a professional mountain guide, run from January to March, two half days per week, plus an intensive course over several days on a site located at the foot of the Mont Blanc. Applicants to this course must already master basic skiing skills. There is a supplementary charge for this course.

PEAC325: Ski and Snowboarding (1 qh)
Advanced training in winter sports in different areas of the Alps with native French students from the Mountain Sports department. During this course, students will be accompanied as they perfect ski and snowboard skills. These classes, supervised by a professional mountain guide, run from January to March, two half days per week, plus an intensive course over several days on a site located at the foot of the Mont Blanc. Applicants to this course must already master basic skiing skills. There is a supplementary charge for this course.


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